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At the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, we pride ourselves on advancing the cutting-edge, impactful research pursued by our faculty, staff, and students. Ritchie School researchers are engaged in work that ranges from building a new understanding of human motion to strengthening electronic information security to exploring the potential of alternative energy methods. We put particular emphasis on projects with the potential to contribute to the common good, whether on a global scale or localized to our Denver community.

Our faculty and staff are committed to not just their own research goals, but to helping our students achieve theirs. Small class sizes and an atmosphere of inquiry and collaboration are essential tools in making that happen. It's this school-wide passion for discovery that, combined with our extensive, cutting-edge laboratories and equipment, allow our students to forge their own path into the future.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science for the Public Good

The Ritchie School is focused on the critical policy, ethics, and business issues surrounding artificial intelligence and data science. We're working to develop the technology to ensure AI and Data Science are being used for the public good.

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Biomedical Devices and Technologies

We have a cluster of faculty doing seminal work in biomechanics, with a particular emphasis on devices. Our Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Cardiovascular Biomechanics Lab collaborate with other schools and industry to drive the future of biomedical devices and technology.

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Computer Science and Engineering Education

We work to improve computer science and engineering education by supporting inclusive undergraduate curriculum innovations and measuring the usefulness of those interventions in order to improve the educational experience for students at DU and around the world.

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Cyber-Physical Systems and Cybersecurity

Estimates say that the U.S. will face a significant cybersecurity gap by 2021. Our researchers are working to to keep up with this increased demand. We focus on network security, systems security, internet of things security and private biomedical informatics.

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From Autism to Alzheimer's, our researchers' companion bots are improving the quality of life for their users, while our Unmanned Systems Research Institute works to promote knowledge, education, research and development in unmanned systems. 

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Smart and Sustainable Communities

Our researchers work to design smart and sustainable cities through the use of smart grids, infrastructure management, computation and mathematics, storage and distribution systems, and operations research.

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"I feel really, really lucky to have a part on this team in my undergrad, which is something DU's really great about."

Tabris Thomas, B.S. Computer Science, 2018

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