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Interdisciplinary Teams + Industry Projects = A Powerful Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Design Project provides undergraduate students with an integrated, mentored, requirements-based design project, giving students the opportunity to serve on self-directed teams. Each project team will conceive, design, prototype, verify and validate a system to solve a specific customer problem. Through teamwork, critical thinking and thorough systems engineering procedures, senior design projects allow students to apply the fundamentals learned in their first three years in a research and development project.

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There's really an opportunity for students to choose projects that are of interest to them, and students can be developing a product that is really going to impact and help someone else.

Ann Deml, Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
DU Campus

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Additional Past Project Examples

Nike and DU: Improving the Future of Performance Footwear

One of the most popular athletic shoe companies in the world is partnering with the University of Denver. “Nike has a high regard for innovation and we strive to be the most innovative company period,” said Bryan Conrad, senior researcher for Nike basketball. Conrad said that’s exactly why Nike is eager to work with mechanical and electrical engineering students at DU.

Dragon Boat Adapted Seat: Students Driven By Innovation and Desire to Help Others

Engineering student Samantha Phillips was part of that yearlong design-build team at the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science. “Craig Hospital came to us with the problem of trying to have one of their former patients come and participate in the Dragon Boat Festival held every year out at Sloan’s Lake in Denver. No past seat exists out there that will attach an adaptive seat to a Dragon Boat seat,” Phillips said.

Student-Designed Eye Tracker System at DU

Four undergraduates at the University of Denver worked together to design a new eye-tracking device that allows patients who are paralyzed to operate a computer. The device will cost roughly two percent as much as current eye-tracking tools, making the technology accessible to many patients who couldn’t afford it in the past. Students John Dewitt (computer science), Jeff Evans (electrical engineering), Peter Neilson (electrical engineering) and Jordan Rather (mechanical engineering) collaborated with occupational therapists at Craig Hospital to develop the new technology.