Three Departments Collaborate to Innovate

Many of the faculty members at the Ritchie School collaborate across disciplines to create innovative teaching and learning experiences for students. Our faculty's commitment to accessibility and collaboration means each academic department is able to offer unique hands-on learning experiences.

Leading thinkers, designers and makers join us on campus for summit collaborations with other schools, institutes, programs, and resources for bringing new ideas to life. Our Innovation Labs offers students and faculty the opportunities to explore a wide range of technologies and collaborate on cutting-edge projects.

Resources like these combine with our small classes, engaged faculty and atmosphere of experimentation and collaboration to offer our students a multi-dimensional education that prepares them to excel and innovate in science and technology.

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Student at computer

Computer Science

Our Computer Science department is committed to offering programs that are ideal for students who love technology and artistic expression. Our courses and curriculum are designed to prepare students to meet the current demands of industry while preparing them for jobs that don't even exist yet. We offer undergraduate degrees in Applied Computing, Computer Science, and Game Development as well as an MS and PhD program in Computer Science. In addition to traditional graduate work we offer Professional Master's Degree programs in Cybersecurity and Data Science.

Contact the Department of Computer Science

ECS 379 | 303.871.2458
Chair: Dr. Chris GauthierDickey
Asst. to Chair: Meredith Corley

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hardware and wires

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Our Electrical & Computer Engineering department prepares students to be valued members of any professional team. Through opportunities for project-based learning, teamwork, research and partnering with industry, graduates will hit the ground running. We offer undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering with an Concentration in Mechatronic Systems. Masters and PhD programs include Electrical Engineering, Engineering (with optional Management Concentration), Computer Engineering and Mechatronic Systems.

Contact the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECS 279 | 303.871.6618
Chair: Dr. Wenzhong Gao
Asst. to Chair: Natalie Gregg

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Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Our Mechanical & Materials Engineering department provides students unique opportunities for research, interdisciplinary collaboration and experiential learning. The curriculum and project-based learning in Integration and Senior Design gives graduates a robust foundation of knowledge that will carry them successfully to work in industry or continue to research and graduate programs. We offer an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Master's and PhD programs include Material Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Contact the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

ECS 279 | 303.871.3041
Interim Chair: Dr. Breigh Roszelle
Asst. to Chair: Sandra Hovey

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Dr. David Gao, Electrical & Computer Engineering
David Gao

In the news

Goncalo Martins
What's the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Have you wondered what's the difference between computer science and computer engineering? Assistant Professor Kerstin Haring, PhD, from the Department of Computer Science and Teaching Assistant Professor Goncalo Martins, PhD, from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering discussed the differences between these two fields and provided insight for any students considering either major. 

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grand challenges summit logo
DU Well-Represented at Global Grand Challenges Summit

The engineering community is beginning to take note of the University of Denver. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit. Eleven DU undergraduate students were accepted to this year’s summit, more than any other institution in attendance.

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Brittany Marshall
Improving Hip Replacement Surgery

Assistant Professor Chadd Clary, PhD, and Brittany Marshall, a current biomechanics graduate student are researching hip replacement surgery. Their work analyzes the bundle of ligaments that make up the hip joint and how different surgical choices could affect the outcome for patients.

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