Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is based in the University of Denver’s Ritchie School School of Engineering and Computer Science. The school reflects two of the university’s strongest traditions: academic integrity and a commitment to meeting student needs with dynamic new programs. We are strong in research and particularly noted in software engineering, information security and privacy, and humane gaming.

What makes Computer Science at DU special? 

  • Small classes taught by faculty, not teaching assistants
  • Research-active faculty members who publish regularly, land impressive grants and win teaching awards
  • An up-to-date curriculum that includes classes in modern software engineering,
  • Web technology based on Linux and Microsoft servers and applications, Java, multimedia, mobile computing, networks, databases, cyber security and computer game development
  • Students who create a peer culture defined by high expectations
  • A small yet vital PhD program that enhances the department’s intellectual atmosphere
    • Undergraduate programs in computer science at the University of Denver

      University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin

      Learn more about our undergraduate programs in computer science (BA or BS), applied computing, and game development (BA or BS) at the Ritchie School. 

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    • Graduate programs in computer science at the University of Denver

      University of Denver Graduate Bulletin

      Learn more about our graduate programs in computer science, computer science systems engineering, cybersecurity, and data science and our doctoral program in computer science at the Ritchie School. 

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    Department Contacts

    Chris GauthierDickey headshot

    Chris J. GauthierDickey

    Associate Professor; Chair, Computer Science

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    Meredith Corley

    Meredith Corley

    Assistant to the Chair

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    Wurth Shurtleff

    Wurth Shurtleff

    Program Coordinator, Online Programs

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