Message from the Dean

I’m thrilled to be joining the leadership team at DU at this pivotal moment for Colorado, Denver, and the University. The momentum surrounding us is unprecedented; Forbes recently named Denver the #1 City in the Country for Business; Area Development magazine named Denver the best metro location in the Nation for economic development and jobs; the Kaufman Foundation ranks Denver and the Front Range in the Top 5 for start-ups in the country; and the unemployment rate for software engineers in Denver is, literally, 0%. The Wall Street Journal recently talked about Denver as the nation’s Mecca for Millennials.

As a serial entrepreneur in Colorado for the last two decades who started his career with the Boston Consulting Group, GE and NBC before launching Yahoo! In Europe in the 90s, I could not be more excited about the prospects for our School at the epicenter of these phenomenal trends in innovation and entrepreneurship – all of which are fueled by technology.

We’re literally building the School as we speak, with a beautiful new facility named after Dan Ritchie’s father rising just behind the Newman Center. And we’ll be building off the wonderful stories that are foundations of who we are. Did you know, for example, that the Blue Bear leaning up against the Denver Convention Center was born from the creative partnership of a DU Artist and Engineers in the School? How about the fact that the world’s fastest women motorcyclist is one of our senior researchers? Did you know that robots developed here are helping autistic children learn critical social skills? Or that our first one-year co-op program for undergraduates to work for pay in industry launched last year?

These are wonderfully exciting times at your University of Denver and the Ritchie School and we look forward to sharing them with you. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. You can contact me at and follow me on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

You can learn more about our dean, JB Holston, through an interview with DU Magazine.

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