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Educational Experiences of Gifted Graduate Students Studying Gifted Education

How do we recognize and nurture potential? What common experiences shape the career paths of people who are gifted, that ultimately pursue graduate education about gifted education? As a graduate student studying gifted education, who is gifted, I was curious about the experiences of other gifted graduate students who are studying gifted education. A research project was designed as part of my James T. Webb Influence scholarship and was first presented at DU’s 2020 Gifted Education Conference in January.

A convenience sample of eight graduate students, who self-identified as gifted, were interviewed as part of a phenomenological research study. This poster shares a horizon of quotes of gifted graduate students studying gifted education related to their educational experiences in elementary school, secondary school, and higher education. These findings highlight the commonalities of gifted educators of gifted education and considerations when encouraging students to pursue higher education specializing in gifted education.

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