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Monday to Tuesday

"Knowing that time does not just exist in the momentary and the fine-tuned, Monday to Tuesday works to encompass all that time is and all that moves alongside it. This collection, inspired by two poems written in the winter of 2021, titled “wednesday night” and “august 2nd,” narratively encompasses the passage of time and the thematic elements that naturally go alongside that. These poems capture all that is there as we age, as we are stagnant, when things move slowly, and when things move quickly.

Twelve self-made visual works are featured in this collection. Eleven occur in tangent with the poems and one serves as the title page. Further, all but one of these visuals are collages I constructed through clippings of magazines, maps, brochures, and other printed media. These visuals conceptualize the written work, and, in a way, stand as poems themselves.

With such a wide sweep, these poems maintain a level of vagueness, never quite solidifying what/who the subject is, where the poem is taking place, and more importantly when. Like time, there is no stopping, no pausing the circle, no predicting. There are no guidelines to answer what Monday? Which Tuesday? When? And so, chronology teeters on irrelevant. While the timeline might seem followable and known upon introspection, the collection should be able to be read in any order. Monday to Tuesday could just as well be Tuesday to Monday."