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Measures Of Effectiveness On The Parent Project Class

Parenting is an inherently challenging journey, more so when faced with children exhibiting destructive behaviors like truancy, substance abuse, and violence. The absence of a definitive guide leaves parents feeling overwhelmed and unequipped to manage such extreme situations. The Parent Project, developed by a dedicated team, aims to empower parents of difficult adolescents through a structured curriculum. This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Parent Project Course, focusing on the enhancement of parenting skills and confidence. In collaboration with the non-profit organization One More Moment, a longitudinal study was conducted involving 25 parents enrolled in the Parent Project Course. Utilizing Qualtrics, weekly surveys assessed various aspects of the course’s impact, including session usefulness, strategy application, parental self-efficacy, support group attendance, and therapy engagement.

Preliminary findings indicate a significant uptake of positive parenting strategies, notably the daily affirmation of love, which saw an increase from 42% to 75% usage over nine weeks. All participants reported finding the course beneficial, with 62% feeling substantially more effective as parents, and 38% noting a slight improvement. The consistent positive feedback and strategy adoption underscore the course’s potential in transforming parenting practices. The data collected offers valuable insights for refining the curriculum, ensuring that future iterations of the Parent Project Course are even more impactful.