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Jayce Rumsey's Senior Capstone: The Door By Paul Elliott

Jayce Rumsey, a third-year senior, participated in the University of Denver’s theatre department’s senior capstone cycle this year, where he directed the play, "The Door." The play is a compelling story that revolves around a grandmother in her late 50s who isolates herself after her grandson's brutal murder due to suspected homosexuality. Her teenage grandson, Justin, attempts to help her re-engage with the world. Through their interactions, the play emphasizes the importance of family support during difficult times and sheds light on the issue of violence against LGBTQ+ individuals. It aims to raise awareness and advocate for societal change to create a more inclusive and accepting community. Why this show? Jayce is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and he believes it is important to bring queer voices to the theatre on and off stage. Another reason he picked this show for his capstone is because at the end of the show there is a slideshow of hate crime victims. It brings attention to the fact that hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community are still a present-day issue. This grant allowed him to put on a wonderful production of “The Door.”