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Hawai’i Uncovered

While the Hawaiian Islands are undeniably beautiful, the state is not the paradise it is often stereotypically perceived to be. Through photography, Hawai’i Uncovered aims to explore the conflicting aspects of identity in Hawai’i, reveal the true characteristics of the state, and separate its perception by tourists from the reality that locals know all too well. Photos were taken at popular tourist and lesser known “locals-only” destinations on multiple of the Hawaiian Islands. The photos focused mostly on the way that people interact and exist within these places and amongst each other through a candid and observational lens. Hawai’i’s identity is deeply rooted in its diverse array of cultures and backgrounds. And yet, most tourists never get the opportunity to see Hawai’i for more than just a tropical playground. The idea of community and belonging are both the saving grace and downfall of these islands, allowing many to be proud and excited about who they are while also leaving some cast out and forgotten. Both the romanticized and ignored aspects of these islands are what make the state unlike anywhere else in the world and are essential in defining Hawai’i in an honest fashion.