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Flower Study

This project is a study into extinct flowers, their histories, environments, biology, colors, and assigned personalities then manifested in 3D models and a digital book. The goal was to select six flowers with interesting histories and or cultural connections. Since the flowers can, for the most part, not be seen or kept they were created in Blender as accurately as possible. To give people a means of connection with the flowers, each was assigned a personality based on different factors. These factors could be the colors they possess, where geographically they thrived, parts of their history, and biological factors.

To allow these personalities to further flourish color spaces were created in Affinity Designer to be applied not only as the background of the models but the background of half of the book’s pages. The digital bool was created in Affinity Designer, and it sports rendered images of the 3D modeled flowers, information on the flowers, and a designed page with the flowers, their name in chrome lettering created in Adobe Illustrator and Blender, and the aura color spaces. Each person who interacts with the book is encouraged to pick out flowers they connect to and create their own garden of these now-gone flowers.