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Emotional Well-being Of Group Fitness Instructors

Emotional well-being is an essential component of health overlooked in research on group fitness instructors, who are crucial to the fitness industry. Understanding emotional well-being and job-related outcomes will support them and their work. The study uses a questionnaire that measures whether emotion contagion and emotion labor (surface acting and deep acting) predict emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and turnover intention. Group fitness instructors hiding expressions of their true feelings (surface acting) reported more emotional exhaustion, more intent to leave their job, and less satisfaction with their job.

Group fitness instructors trying to feel their displayed emotions (deep acting) reported less intent to leave their job, more satisfaction with their job, and more emotional exhaustion. related to more emotional exhaustion, more turnover intention, and less job satisfaction. Exploratory statistics are in the process of being analyzed further. Future interpretive studies are needed to gather more information about group fitness instructors’ training on emotional well-being to better understand what instructors need to improve/maintain their emotional well-being, and thus the fitness industry.