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"After All These Years"- A Novella

This novella is a cumulation of my time in DU’s Creative Writing program. This novella marks the transition from short stories to longer forms of creative fiction, reaching 140 pages as it tackles complicated relationships, the unease of disaster, and the impact of magic surfacing during an apocalypse. Lucy and David Meadows have lived a longer life than most. Living on magic since 1856, both have honed their hidden abilities and settled into their long lifespans. They’ve thought they were the only ones. As the United States comes under attack, they begin to discover an underlying magical current underneath the weapons. Confronted by disaster and the knowledge that they are no longer alone; they begin to realize what they had missed over the centuries. As their personal relationships and landscape of the United States begins to fracture under the barrage of war, the pair must make their way to safety in Denver and decide what they want from themselves in the new future and from each other.