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A Call to Action Towards Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a topic that hits close to home. It’s something that is extremely hard for me to open up about. I don't want to get into details but I wanna talk about the problem. domestic violence is an issue with thousands of females that have become victims of abuse from their partners. Victims usually stay because of things that they can’t control and stressors that they don't want to deal with. The abuser in the relationship usually holds something over their head that victims don’t think they could get out of. It usually consists of threats like actually killing the victim, harming their family or friends, ruining their financial stability, etc. My call to action towards this issue is to start with awareness. A lot of people these days have social media and I could create infographics or zines with useful resources for victims to come to. I could use my social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, as well as family and friends to share the sources that I create. Another call to action would be in the form of mutual aid. I could gather volunteers who are interested in the matter to watch/take care of children who are victims of Domestic Violence as well. I could develop an organized program for females to watch over these kids. I would make sure that these females are trustworthy. This is only a small solution to this issue but it's a step towards something better for females who don’t think they have any help.