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The Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCpE) is designed to advance the student’s knowledge in several areas of engineering. This degree provides breadth while permitting the student to achieve depth in a specialization area. This specialization area, with thematic sequences of courses, has been selected to coincide with those of high current interest as well as those emerging technologies that hold promise of increasing importance for the future. The purpose of this program is to serve the profession of engineering and the Colorado community through advanced study in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and other related fields. This program prepares the student for academic and industrial advancement. The program offer a thesis and a non-thesis option. The Department of ECE offers both part-time and full-time programs.  The Department recognizes that a student may be employed full-time while studying for a degree. Therefore, most courses are offered at times and on days that will permit a student to complete the program by taking courses either late in the day or outside normal business hours.. The MSCpE program can generally be completed in about four years if one course is taken each quarter, but it is usually possible to take two courses per quarter, bringing completion time closer to the more common duration of two years. Also, students who select the one-year non-thesis will be able to graduate within 12 months, four academic quarters. For part-time students who are working in industry positions and who have chosen the thesis option, a topic related to the job function may be acceptable as the thesis research topic. Furthermore, a qualified staff member at the place of employment may be approved to serve as an adjunct faculty on the thesis committee. Students not interested in pursuing a degree but interested in taking an occasional course may register as special status students by following an abbreviated admissions process. However, only 15 QH earned as a special status student may be applied toward a MS degree.


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Total Credit Hours

Every candidate for the MS degree must complete 45 quarter hours of credit, at least 36 of which must be completed at the University of Denver.

Program Structure

For curriculum & course requirements please visit the Graduate Bulletin website.



To view the admissions requirements, please go here and follow the instructions below: 

  • Choose Doctorate or Masters
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  • Select the appropriate degree program.


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Graduate Assistantships

Receive financial assistance while you pursue a master’s or doctoral degree by applying for a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) or graduate research assistantship (GRA) position. To learn more about GTA or GRA positions, please visit the Graduate Assistantships page.