18466762921_7948aa48e8_oComputer Science encompasses the theory and techniques by which information is encoded, stored, communicated, transformed, and analyzed. It is concerned with the theory of algorithms (that is, effective procedures or programs), with the structure of languages for the expression of algorithms, and with the design of algorithms for the solution of practical problems. A central concern is the study of the computer systems (hardware and software) for the automatic execution of these algorithms.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Denver offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The degree is strongly based in mathematics and, in fact, a student will automatically acquire sufficient credits for a minor in mathematics. One additional minor is required. The second minor may be in any discipline other than mathematics or computer science.

Total Credit Hours

183 quarter hours.


Students interested in a BS Computer Science will need to complete the curriculum outlined in the Bulletin.

Sample Program

Since there are many variations to this schedule, students should select their own schedule in consultation with an academic advisor from the department of Computer Science. The sample also lists electives that can be taken to develop expertise in one of the research concentrations of the department.

Only two COMP electives are needed in senior year, but often a sequence starts in the fall so it may be best to take the two during fall/winter quarters.

All electives, especially the MATH and COMP electives, should be selected in close consultation with an academic advisor from the Computer Science Department. The courses for the non-mathematics minor should be selected in consultation with an academic advisor from the department in which the minor is administered. 



The School of Engineering and Computer Science is fortunate to have endowed scholarships available for qualifying students.

How to Qualify

Scholarships are awarded based primarily on need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and merit. Some donors have established specific requirements for recipients of their scholarships.

How to Apply

By being accepted to the University of Denver, you are automatically considered for these scholarships.

Current departmental scholarships include:

  • Computer Science Scholarship
  • Deans Undergraduate Scholarship

Recipients of scholarships may meet their donors at the annual Undergraduate Scholarship Reception.

To learn more about funding your education, please visit the Office of Financial Aid

Honors & Distinctions

Make the most of your undergraduate experience in a stimulating academic and social community. When you're accepted into the University Honors Program, you'll enjoy the small classes and close community of a private college along with the opportunities and resources of a research university.

Program Requirements

For a complete list of Honors Program requirements, visit the University Honors Program website.
For information on departmental distinction please click here.

Study Abroad

Ranked in the top five for the number of undergraduates studying abroad, the University of Denver is known for the impact its students make internationally. At the department of Computer Science, we share the university's commitment to international learning and strongly encourage our students to participate in Study Abroad programs.

Cherrington Global Scholars Program

Through the Cherrington Global Scholars Program, the University's primary Study Abroad program, you can study abroad for about the same cost as a term at DU.

Plan your study abroad experience carefully. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The computer science department curricula has been designed for you to complete your studies in 4 years.
  • To remain on the four-year graduation path, you will need to be "on track" with your degree program at the time you leave for study abroad and you may need to study at an institution that offers equivalent courses.
  • The institutions that offer the required courses are limited, vary depending on degree and may change from one year to the next.

For more information about the Cherrington Global Scholar Program, contact your academic advisor. 

Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students at the School of Engineering and Computer Science and have many students who have come to us from schools in the U.S. and abroad.

First Step

Visit the undergraduate transfer student website and review the standards for admission as well as the DU Transfer Matrix.  The matrix and review of the admissions standards will help you with a smooth 2+2 academic transfer plan from any of the Colorado Community Colleges.

Second Step

Schedule meetings with transfer admissions and computer science department representatives to talk about your specific interests. They will give you further information on the transfer process and requirements.

Transfer Admission Representative Virginia Egan 303-871-3052