BA Applied Computing

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing (BA in AC) provides a quality education for the serious computer user. It complements the 18131395432_dc6b8ab0ca_oDepartment's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science by providing a program which combines collaboration with other departments and an applications-oriented emphasis. A prospective BA in AC major must satisfy all the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as outlined in the University Undergraduate Bulletin.

The BA in AC is a suitable degree for many collaborative programs within the University. This major was developed in consultation with the Department of Mass Communication, which, jointly with the Department of Art and Art History and this Department, has offered the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Studies. A minor or double major in digital media studies and applied computing complement each other perfectly.

The BA in AC would be ideal for students in graphics arts and electronic publishing, and would provide an appropriate foundation for a student who wishes to pursue a career in the emerging field of education technology. A graduate with the BA in AC would be very attractive in the data processing unit of large financial, banking, or insurance institutions, as a network or systems administrator in a similar firm, or as a World Wide Web designer/programmer. Holders of the BA in AC degree would also be well suited to continue in any number of specialized Master's or Certificate programs in fields as diverse as video and graphics production, fashion design, telecommunications, instructional technology or management information systems.

Total Credit Hours

183 quarter hours.


Students interested in a BA Applied Computing will need to complete the curriculum outlined in the Bulletin (course descriptions are also available on the Bulletin).

Sample Program

A sample curriculum for the degree is available here . Since there are many variations to this schedule, students should select their own schedule in consultation with an academic advisor from The Department of Computer Science. 


We at the Ritchie School know financing your education is an important decision. Below is information on tuition rates as well as available scholarship information.

For information on tuition please visit the Registrar’s page.


The School of Engineering and Computer Science is fortunate to have endowed scholarships available for qualifying students.

How to Qualify

Scholarships are awarded based primarily on need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and merit. Some donors have established specific requirements for recipients of their scholarships.

How to Apply

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for information on the application process.

Current departmental scholarships include:

  • Computer Science Scholarship
  • Deans Undergraduate Scholarship

Recipients of scholarships may meet their donors at the annual Undergraduate Scholarship Reception.

To learn more about funding your education, please visit the Office of Financial Aid

Honors & Distinctions

Make the most of your undergraduate experience in a stimulating academic and social community. When you're accepted into the University Honors Program, you'll enjoy the small classes and close community of a private college along with the opportunities and resources of a research university.

Program Requirements

For a complete list of Honors Program requirements, visit the University Honors Program website.
For information on departmental distinction please click here.

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