Computer science encompasses the theory and techniques by which information is encoded, stored, communicated, transformed and analyzed. It is concerned with the theory of algorithms (that is, effective procedures or programs), with the structure of languages for the expression of algorithms, and with the design of algorithms for the solution of practical problems. A central concern is the study of the computer systems (hardware and software) for the automatic execution of these algorithms.

The department of computer science at the University of Denver offers a bachelor of science in computer science. The degree is strongly based in mathematics and, in fact, a student will automatically acquire sufficient credits for a minor in mathematics. One additional minor is required. The second minor may be in any discipline other than mathematics or computer science.

The students and faculty have a lot of interaction. I get to know my students. I get to know about their personal lives. I get to know their goals. And I’m able to assist them.

Susanne Sherba, PhD, Teaching Professor
Susanne Sherba

For the graduating class of 2018, computer science majors are projected to be one of the top-paid degrees at the bachelor’s degree level.

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