As global society leans increasingly heavily on advancements in computer and mechanical technology, the demand for skilled mechatronic systems professionals has never been higher. Our PhD program in mechatronics systems engineering provides students with rigorous training with an eye toward research and development. Students will delve into the theory and creation of sensors, transducers and a wealth of other concepts.

The PhD in MSE is at the forefront and intersection of the coupled disciplines of Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. Students in the program will have the chance to acquire the knowledge and abilities to solve highly complex problems where integration is a key component. Graduates of this program will help lay the foundation for the engineering departments of the future, where ‘integration’ will be the key ingredient of studies.

Working independently and with faculty, you'll conduct in-depth research to explore new technologies in everything from consumer products to autonomous vehicles. You'll emerge with an advanced understanding of how mechanical, electrical and computer systems integrate to create solutions for today's most cutting-edge technological developments. Students who achieve the PhD will be well-equipped to pursue careers in corporate or government research as well as instruction at the university level.

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Current Research

Robotics for the Public Good

Our robotics research focuses on creating the next generation of service robotics, with the goal of improving public welfare and helping address challenges like Alzheimer’s and autism. 

Unmanned Systems

We’re working to develop the next generation of unmanned systems, which will help explore, map and better understand our world. Our goal is to make Colorado a key center of knowledge for the field. 

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