Our PhD in materials science provides an enhanced foundation in the theory of materials construction and a depth of understanding in the research strategies necessary to develop new materials. Through a diverse academic approach integrating physics, mathematics, chemistry, and electrical and computer engineering, students will explore advanced concepts in the materials field complemented by extensive research experience.

This program reflects the multidisciplinary nature of our approach by providing a thorough grounding in each of the basic disciplines of the field. Depth in specialized areas is achieved through the research interests of faculty in each of the participating departments. With an increasing number of technological fields becoming materials limited in various ways, the program seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of property improvement and new materials development, with a broad-based curriculum that stresses fundamentals.

Upon completion of the doctoral program, candidates will be prepared to enter the materials science field in various roles, from research and development to instruction at the university level. Outside of faculty roles, graduates will be equipped to explore career opportunities in the development of new advanced materials, among others.

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