Students in our PhD program in electrical and computer engineering are advised and supported to develop the ability to contribute to the advancement of science, engineering and technology through independent research. Research requires an in-depth study of engineering problems with a broad knowledge base in science and engineering. Opportunities to develop individualized plans of study based on students' previous experience and desired research areas are also provided. Graduates may pursue academic, research, entrepreneurial and/or industrial careers.

Working closely with a faculty advisor, students will perform in-depth research in cutting-edge technological development areas related to electrical and computer engineering. We offer opportunities to develop individualized plans of study based on the students’ previous experience and desired research areas. Graduates utilize their degree to find careers in energy, transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, IT, finance and logistics, to name a few.

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Current Research

Smart Cities

Our faculty and students work to develop smart grids, improve infrastructure and delve into computation, mathematics and operations research. Our goal is to develop efficient, healthy and just urban centers. 

Robotics for the Public Good

Our robotics research focuses on creating the next generation of service robotics, with the goal of improving public welfare and helping address challenges like Alzheimer’s and autism. 

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