Students in the Master of Science in mechatronic systems engineering program study, research and practice across the fields of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering. This cross-disciplinary major is customizable with specialization areas and thematic course sequences to align with your specific areas of interest and career goals. From developing service robots to aid children with special needs, to inventing unmanned vehicle systems to monitor traffic congestion, there are numerous ways for mechatronic systems engineers to apply their knowledge in the public and private sectors.

Our programs are designed to give students the opportunity to develop a wide breadth of knowledge while going deeper in a specialization area of their choice. With curricula geared toward today's grand challenges, graduates of the mechatronic systems engineering program will enter a workforce where their skills are in high demand. Graduates can pursue careers as multidisciplinary engineers or go on to work in electrical, computer or mechanical engineering.

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Part-Time Programs

The Department of ECE offers both part-time and full-time programs. The Department recognizes that a student may be employed full-time while studying for a degree. Therefore, most courses are offered at times and on days that will permit a student to complete the program by taking courses either late in the day or outside normal business hours. The MS degree program can generally be completed in about four years if one course is taken each quarter, but it's usually possible to take two courses per quarter, bringing completion time closer to the more common duration of two years.

Also, students who select the one-year non-thesis will be able to graduate within 12 months. For part-time students who are working in industry positions and who have chosen the thesis option, a topic related to the job function may be acceptable as the thesis research topic. Furthermore, a qualified staff member at the place of employment may be approved to serve as an adjunct faculty on the thesis committee.

Students not interested in pursuing a degree but interested in taking an occasional course may register as special status students by following an abbreviated admissions process. However, only 15 quarter hours earned as a special status student may be applied toward a MS degree.

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