In a world that consistently depends on scientific innovation to drive new technologies and services, it is impossible to ignore the necessity of new materials and fabrication techniques. Our MS in materials science delivers an interdisciplinary background in the behavior and construction of materials rooted in engineering, chemistry and physics. In addition to the breadth of our degree, students will have the chance develop a deep understanding of individual specializations within the field, with coursework branching into topics like composites and nanomaterials.

To complement the coursework portion of the degree, students may undertake research to explore various topics within the major, working closely with faculty to examine new techniques and develop a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in materials fabrication. An increasing number of technological fields are becoming materials-limited. With your master's in hand, you'll be prepared to tackle research and new materials development in a wide variety of those fields. You'll also be well-positioned to begin a PhD-level course of study if a career in academia is your goal.

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