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The Master of Science in Engineering (MS ENGE) is designed to advance the knowledge of students in areas differing from those in which they received their bachelor’s degree. The program is particularly intended for students with bachelor’s degrees in the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science or engineering who are making a change of discipline or wanting to develop expertise in an engineering area, often one that is of emerging importance or interdisciplinary in nature. The program combines a solid background in an area of engineering with a distinctly personal specialization. It enables the student to focus on a particular area of engineering, while providing breadth through its flexible minor or technical elective requirement addressing the student’s specific interests. A master’s in engineering with a concentration in management (CM) is also offered (see below). These engineering and management courses are focused on developing core knowledge and competencies in innovation and entrepreneurship, and providing concrete tools to successfully translate ideas and initiative into marketplace success.

Concentration in Management

The degree of Master of Science in Engineering allows students to pursue a concentration in management (MS ENGE (CM)). This is an engineering degree with both engineering and management focuses. The concentration in management is designed to meet the increasing needs of students to enhance their career opportunities as managers or as entrepreneurs by supplementing advanced engineering knowledge with a fundamental understanding of business principles within the context of technology enterprises. Drawing upon the strengths of both the Ritchie School and the Daniels College of Business, the program provides the relevant content for graduates to lead technology enterprises. Candidates for the degree of master of science with a concentration in management will be on non-thesis track only.


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Total Credit Hours

Every candidate for the MS degree must complete 45 quarter hours of credit, at least 36 of which must be completed at the University of Denver.

Program Structure

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