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At the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, our undergraduate programs in Computer Science offer a comprehensive exploration of computation, from fundamental algorithms to advanced computer systems. Students can pursue degrees in:
- Applied Computing (BA, BS) which provides a solid education for practical computing applications
- Computer Science (BA, BS) focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of information processing
- Game Development (BA, BS) blending computer science, mathematics, and creativity

These programs prepare our students to excel in diverse and dynamic fields, driving innovation and addressing real-world challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration. Join us at Ritchie, where your journey in computer science will open doors to endless possibilities and transformative experiences.


Applied Computing (BA, BS)

The bachelor of arts in applied computing (BA in AC) provides a quality education for the serious computer user.

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Computer Science (BA, BS)

Computer science encompasses the theory and techniques by which information is encoded, stored, communicated, transformed and analyzed.

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Game Development (BA, BS)

The bachelor of science in game development provides a combination of computer science, mathematics, and creativity.

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What makes Computer Science at DU unique is the resources that are available to students to gain hands on experience on campus.

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Computer Science impacts almost every aspect of our world today. Our undergraduate curriculum will prepare students for a workforce in today’s dynamic and diverse industry landscape. The program encourages exploration beyond the classroom, offering study abroad options, summer research funding, and the flexibility to double major or blend your interests. 

Our curriculum focuses on developing ethical leaders in the field, exploring the ways that diversity, equity and inclusion ensure graduates are not just skilled technologists but also responsible leaders. Our Computer Science program at the Ritchie School is not just about technology, it’s about how people and humanity use technology to make the world a better place.

Take a closer look at our curriculum in the undergraduate bulletin:

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