IMPACT for Faculty and Staff

Impact for Faculty and Staff

philosophy class kintsugi

Dr. Sarah Pessin - Philosophy class Kintsugi Project

Dr. Sarah Pessin’s Philosophy class on coexistence explores Kintsugi, a Japanese art form that conveys imperfection as part of the human condition. Kintsugi artwork takes broken pottery and mends the pieces with lacquer mixed with powdered gold (among other materials). Pessin teaches Kintsugi as a metaphor for larger complex topics, such as modern-day pluralism and liberal democracy.

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entrepreneurship at du

Entrepreneurship @ DU

The Innovation Labs supports Entrepreneurship@DU as a prototyping space for Entrepreneurship students to test our their ideas and develop products to bring to the marketplace.  Dozens of student startups have been supported by the resources at the Innovation Labs.  

anthropology artifact 3d prints

Anthropology Research

Thanks to a relatively recent phenomenon—museums around the world have begun to provide the technical specifications to 3D print ancient artifacts—Dr. Bonnie Clark’s anthropology students were able to select an item, print it at the Innovation Labs, and then conduct research on the physical object. “I couldn’t have taught the class this way even six months ago,” Clark said. “Since 3D printing is new and there’s a lot of buzz around it, the class felt timely.”

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