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The Knoebel Institute of Healthy Aging is able to advance our work through the support of our community. Through donations and study participation you can be a part of our work. 

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Interested in Participating in a Research Study about Brain Health and COVID-19?

The Linseman Lab at the University of Denver is conducting a research study on the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the brain, and whether these impacts might be worse in those with a history of traumatic brain injury. 

Eligibility: You may be eligible if you are a male/female older than 18 who has:

  • no history of brain injury or COVID-19
  • a history of both brain injury and COVID-19
  • a history of either brain injury or COVID-19


  • A brief online screening questionnaire (~5 min)
  • An online consent session over Zoom (~30 min)
  • A (~2.5 hour) study visit at the University of Denver Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging once per year for a period of 5-yea

Interested? Contact the study coordinator, Allison Grossberg, via email or phone (; 719-231- 9703).


Interested in Taking Yoga with a Robot Instructor?

Consider participating in a randomized University of Denver study and taking yoga classes with a helpful companion robot named RYAN. Your voluntary unpaid participation may help researchers understand how they can improve the quality of life of older adults.

Eligibility: Participants should be 65+, English speakers, that are able to complete basic balance exercises.

Participation: A 12-week commitment is required. 

Interested? Contact Sean Mapoles, via email or phone (; 720-243-8020).



Goal: to improve wellbeing for caregivers of individuals with dementia through Silverbills financial and legal management tool. The University of Denver will assess the effectiveness of a client-facing application for caregivers and a supportive communication tool to reduce caregiver burden and physical, financial, and mental (emotional) distress.

Participation: Participants are provided one year of free services from silverbills and will need to complete three surveys.

Recruiting in June. Email to learn more. 


Provider Perspectives on Access to Palliative and End-of-Life Care in Colorado

Are you working in healthcare or social services in Colorado? Consider participating in the Provider Perspectives on Access to Palliative and End-of-Life Care in Colorado study. The purpose of this study at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work is to explore various healthcare and social service provider perspectives related to access to palliative and end-of-life care in Colorado. 

Eligibility: To participate in this study, individuals must be a healthcare or social service provider in Colorado, provide direct care or services, and work with adult patients or clients. 

Participation: A 20-30 minute web-based survey. All survey participants will have the chance to win a $5 gift card upon completion. After the survey, volunteers may be asked to complete a 60-90 minute interview. All interview participants will receive a $15 gift card upon completion. 

Interested? Email Principal Investigator Pilar Ingle, MSW or Faculty Sponsor Leslie Hasche, Ph.D. to learn more.