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The Knoebel Institute of Healthy Aging is able to advance our work through the support of our community. Through donations and study participation you can be a part of our work. 

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Interested in Participating in a Research Study about Brain Health and COVID-19?

The Linseman Lab at the University of Denver is conducting a research study on the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the brain, and whether these impacts might be worse in those with a history of traumatic brain injury. 

Eligibility: You may be eligible if you are a male/female older than 18 who has:

  • no history of brain injury or COVID-19
  • a history of both brain injury and COVID-19
  • a history of either brain injury or COVID-19


  • A brief online screening questionnaire (~5 min)
  • An online consent session over Zoom (~30 min)
  • A (~2.5 hour) study visit at the University of Denver Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging once per year for a period of 5-yea

Interested? Contact the study coordinator, Allison Grossberg, via email or phone (; 719-231- 9703).



Goal: to improve wellbeing for caregivers of individuals with dementia through Silverbills financial and legal management tool. The University of Denver will assess the effectiveness of a client-facing application for caregivers and a supportive communication tool to reduce caregiver burden and physical, financial, and mental (emotional) distress.

Participation: Participants are provided one year of free services from silverbills and will need to complete two surveys.

Currently recruiting. Email to learn more.