Engineering Clubs

Ritchie School’s Women in Engineering and Computer Science

This is a social networking club focused on building community for undergraduate and graduate women in the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science. Faculty Advisor: Corinne Lengsfeld

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Matthew Gordon, Faculty Advisor

Engineers without Borders Student Chapter

Brad Davidson, Faculty Advisor

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Ron DeLyser, Faculty Advisor

IEEE ISA Student Branch Chapter

Professional preparation and networking opportunities to DU students interested in Power Systems, Power Electronics, Imaging Processing, Pattern Recognition, Signal Processing, Control Technology and related fields, with opportunities to learn about latest technology in the field. Drs. Mohammad Matin and Jun Zhang, Faculty Advisors

SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Materials Processing Engineering)  

Drs. Maciej Kumosa and Euri Solis-Ramos, Faculty and Staff Advisors, respectively.

Computer Science Clubs

Denver University Computer Science Club (DUCS)

DUCS is an ACM affiliated club that offers a community to undergraduate and graduate students interested in computer science. Each quarter DUCS hosts smaller events called “hangouts,” like Super Smash Bros Challenge nights to playing board games to a Game of Thrones viewing. Other events are for career development like resume writing and technical interviewing workshops and seminars for students to meet industry professionals. DUCS also hosts the Department of Computer Science Annual Student Showcase, that highlight student projects created through the academic year.

For more information about DUCS, please contact Susan Bolton at

Denver University Game Developers Club (DUGDs)

DUGDs are for any student interested in developing games. The club looks at games from a critical and theoretical perspective to help the students learn how to design and develop better games. DUGDs also hosts workshops on how to program games in current platforms and bring in industry members to talk about the game development industry. DUGDs also plays an active role in organizing Game Jam at DU each year.

For more information about DUGDs, please contact the Director of the Game Development Program, Chris GauthierDickey,

e-Sports Club

e-Sports is a drop-in club that meets every Saturday from 12-5pm each quarter. e-Sports gathers students interested in playing video games. The group chooses the game(s) that will be played each week. Stop by, play or watch for an hour or stay the whole day to play!

For more information about e-Sports, please contact Susan Bolton at

Women in Computing Club (WiC)

WiC is an up and coming student organization, open to members of any gender, dedicated to promoting and supporting women in computing both here on campus as well as in unaffiliated organizations. WiC meets twice a month to discuss plans for the club. WiC hosts social events guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and work together on schoolwork and professional development on a day to day basis. WiC is planning a mentorship program to pair current club members with incoming students to help guide students through freshman year and the general struggles of being in such a challenging major program. Let us know if you are interested!

For more information about WiC please contact: