Corporate Programs

Engineering and technical employees at Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company can earn advanced degrees from the University of Denver, Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science (Ritchie School) through convenient, part-time programs.

Mechatronics Degree Program

Earn a Master of Science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering with coursework emphasizing a systems engineering approach to management of personnel and components.  These specialized degree program include:

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Redundant Systems
  • Operations
  • Design Optimization
  • Reliability

ELDP Members:

  • Take the two required 10-week Technical Development Courses (Space Systems Design & Engineering Overview I and II) on-site at Lockheed, and these credits apply to the degree requirements.
  • Meet one evening a week for classes taught by Ritchie School faculty in cooperation with Lockheed experts.
  • Take a one-week refresher course, if a student wants a mathematics and/or physics review.

Additional Degree and Certificate Programs

You can earn other master’s degrees, certificates and a PhD through courses taught at Lockheed and on the DU campus.

All qualified Lockheed Martin employees may:

  • Apply to take onsite Technical Development Courses (TDC), as well as other on-site and off-site courses.
  • Apply academic credit earned in the TDC courses to a Certificate in Systems Engineering even if you do not wish to earn a degree.
  • Pay your tuition at the end of each course when the company tuition reimbursement can be used for the payment.
  • Use Lockheed Program video resources

For more information, contact Jim Paradise at Lockheed.