Securing Cyberspace

Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

Cyberphysical Security (CPS) – The internet is an essential tool for communication, commerce, and monitoring for individuals and businesses in areas such as civil infrastructure maintenance, population health monitoring, and business process execution. However, the very connectivity that enables these innovative applications also exposes them to tampering and misuse.
It’s more than preventing personal identity theft. Critical systems in transportation, banking, national security, and physical infrastructure may be at risk.

Personal privacy and national security in the 21st century both depend on protecting a set of systems that didn’t even exist until late in the 20th — the electronic web of information-sharing known as cyberspace.

Why is cyberspace security important?

Electronic computing and communication pose some of the most complex challenges engineering has ever faced. They range from protecting the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted information and deterring identity theft to preventing “doomsday” scenarios often depicted in movies.