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The objective of the Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD ENGE) program is to provide an educational environment that encourages students to develop the ability to contribute to the advancement of science, engineering and technology through independent research. The PhD students of the 21st century may pursue academic, research, entrepreneurial and/or industrial careers. Individualized plans of study are based on students’ previous experience and desired research areas. The plan of study allows students to work on interdisciplinary research, while also satisfying the PhD in engineering degree requirements. The MME department offers two types of general PhD degrees:

  • Interdisciplinary: The interdisciplinary PhD program offers opportunities for a student to develop a plan of study combining engineering and a complementary discipline (e.g. natural sciences). In the plan of study, coursework in the complementary discipline can be included up to the maximum number of technical elective credits. The student’s plan of study must be approved by the PhD committee and the department chair. When the student is completing research and coursework in a complementary discipline, the student’s PhD committee must include a faculty member from the related department or division/school.

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Total Credit Hours

90 credit hours.

Program Structure

For the most up-to-date course descriptions & curriculum requirements please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.


We recommend PhD applicants contact faculty to find a research advisor BEFORE submitting the application.   If we receive an application and there is no research advisor commitment, we will consider the applicant for the master’s program only. To view the admissions requirements, please go here and follow the instructions below:

  • Choose Doctorate or Masters
  • Select Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Select the appropriate degree program.

Financial Assistance

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Graduate Assistantships

Receive financial assistance while you pursue a master’s or doctoral degree by applying for a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) or graduate research assistantship (GRA) position.

To learn more about GTA or GRA positions, please visit the Graduate Assistantships page.