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Senior Design Team Pairs with SmartForce Technologies to Find Solution to Police Reaction Time for Robberies

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Ritchie School Communications Team

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The Ritchie School hosted their annual Senior Design Symposium virtually on May 15. Each of the twelve Senior Design teams participated and worked hard to ensure that the community was able to learn about their projects as fully as an in-person event.  

One of the senior design teams was sponsored by SmartForce Technologies. SmartForce is the first and only company providing law enforcement with a specific leadership and management software platform serving the needs of police forces.

The team consists of Minzheng Jian (BS CpE) – Project Manager, Abdallah Almutairi (BS ME), James Boyce (BS ME), Kyle Fischer (BS ME), and Anna Leong (BS CpE). (Left to right.)

SmartForce Tech Team


This team was tasked with designing a safety solution to cut down police force reaction times to robberies. This team designed an autonomous drone and strongbox product; with the click of one button, the drone can launch, fly over an area collecting valuable data, and land all within minutes providing the user with important information. The DJI Mavic Mini drone meets all of the video and resolution requirements allowing the team to build a platform and housing solution for the drone system. This housing solution contains the drone when not in use, protecting the drone from the elements and theft, wirelessly charging the drone, and allowing for deployment in seconds when needed.

SmartForce Tech_Senior Design Team Drone & Strongbox System

This strongbox features climate control to sustain the interior temperature of the box, automatic slide opening system that locks preventing tampering, and wireless automatic charging. This drone and strongbox system can survey an area in a short amount of time collecting data needed for facial recognition and license plate reading. This drone can provide police forces with the information necessary to apprehend robbers when conventional methods would have allowed suspects to escape. SmartForce Technologies is searching for new and innovative ways to use this technology including search and rescue and surveillance in hard to reach areas. This system provides a low cost mobile platform that at local levels has the benefits of an eye in the sky or helicopter at the fraction of the cost.

This team worked hard and learned from their experiences while working on this project. The drone and strongbox system will provide the police with a resource that can assist with reducing reaction time to criminal activity. We are proud of their hard work and creative thinking for this problem.

SmartForce Technologies Sponsored Senior Design Team Pitch Video