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Ritchie School Celebrates Faculty & Staff Awards 2020

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Jacquelyn Villa

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Marketing & Events Coordinator"

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At the end of every academic year the Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science recognizes the faculty and staff members who have gone above the call of duty during the school year. These faculty and staff members have made exceptional strides for the Ritchie School students and community. Meet the 2019-2020 academic year’s award winners.

Scholar of the Year - Chadd Clary

Scholar of the Year | Chadd Clary

“Dr. Clary has likely gotten more grants and money into the Engineering school than any professor in recent years. He is currently overseeing countless Masters and PhD students while performing logistical and research work himself to run the lab. He is more than willing to help people who do not directly have him as an advisor...He has contributed a great deal to the engineering school, not only as a teacher and advisor, but as a researcher; for which the Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics would be deeply at a loss without.”

Learn more about Associate Professor Chadd Clary.


Teacher of the Year | Jason Roney

“Dr. Roney has gone above and beyond to improve the ability of students to succeed as engineers while class was held in person, and once online classes began, he redesigned the entire senior capstone lab course to be online in a matter of a couple weeks.”

Learn more about Teaching Associate Professor Jason Roney.


Staff Member of the Year | Meredith Corley

“Meredith has gone above and beyond to help students, faculty, and other staff. She knowledge is vast, always shared, and always shared with a smile. She gets things done, professionally, timely, and friendly.”

“She always responds quickly to students, faculty, and staff. No matter what question she receives, she'll get you at least one step further to answering it, if not just solving all your problems right then and there. Plus she's got Pippin, who's a star in his own right. “

Learn more about Meredith Corley.


Dean’s Award | Haluk Ogmen

“He is one of the best research advisors in ECE. He has a brilliant perspective not only in knowledge and methods but also in education and planning.”

Learn more about Professor Haluk Ogmen.


Award for Special Service to the School | Renee Carvalho

“Renee is always eager to work with colleagues and has kept things together to make sure that we're on course to be able to reopen and really to keep the center holding in light of the craziness. She has been perfect at getting all the work done to get everyone back in [the school] safely and managing all the processes appropriately. She’s a tremendous contributor to the school and this year in particular we thank her for all the special work done. “

Learn more about Renee Carvalho.


All of the faculty and staff are dedicated to the mission of the Ritchie School and making sure that the students, alumni, and community have the best experiences. Their hard work is what ensures that the School keeps working toward success.