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Meet Sarah Hewitt

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Ritchie School Communications Team

Alum, Snowboarder, and Ritchie School Business Analyst

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Sarah Hewitt

Sarah Hewitt


Business Analyst


Boston, Massachusetts

How long have you been at DU?

I have had many roles at DU. I completed my undergraduate degree here, I’ve worked here since 2010, and I’m currently pursuing an MBA.

What did you do prior to coming to DU?

I worked with students, alumni, and faculty before I moved to a financial role.

How does your work support the Ritchie School students and/or faculty?

I work with HR to help the faculty with student hiring. I also oversee and assist with the financing and planning for the budget.

What are the best things about the job?

Every day is different and it’s never boring. I’m lucky to work with such an interesting and supportive faculty.

What do you hope to see for the Ritchie School in the coming years?

I’d like to see more interaction between the students, faculty, and staff in our building as well as across campus.

What is your professional advice for students?

Be nice, build a network, and make good impressions. Do the little things. Graduating isn't really enough. Developing interpersonal skills is essential and connecting to people is very important.

How are you involved outside of the Ritchie School with DU?

I’m always finding more ways to get involved. The budget team is spread all over campus and requires interaction outside of the Ritchie School. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to go snowboarding.

What do you think the best Colorado destination is outside of Denver?

As a snowboarder, I’d say Breckenridge is the best spot in the winter. But it’s also beautiful at anytime of the year.

Describe yourself in three words or less:

Dedicated, big-picture-thinker, kind

What is the Ritchie School to you?

The Ritchie School is a bustling operation that I think moves faster than a lot of places on campus. It’s always moving forward and the people here are constantly looking to innovate, which makes it exciting to be part of this unit.