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Meet Druselle May

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Ritchie School Communications Team

Assistant to the Chair of the ECE.

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Druselle May

Druselle May


Assistant to the Chair of the ECE.


Roseland, NM

What did you prior to coming to DU?

I was the assistant to the Dean of Mathematics at the University of Arkansas.

How does your work support the Ritchie School students and/or faculty?

My work revolves mostly around making the life of the Chair of the ECE, Amin Khodaei, easier and connecting him with students so they can talk to him.

What are the best things about the job?

I get to work with international students from many different backgrounds and cultures. I try to help them through the adversity that comes with getting an education.

What do you hope to see for the Ritchie School in the coming years?

2U is an online class program, which could improve students’ ability to access a good education. I believe integrating this technology could create a more diverse student population.

What is your professional advice for students?

Be determined, because people may get in your way at times. You can’t let them get you down.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like speaking with students to help them get connected.

What do you think the best Colorado destination is outside of Denver?

Colorado is good for the mountains and anyone who loves to hike. Denver is also fantastic for music and the arts.

Describe yourself in three words or less:

Determined, Upbeat, and Passionate.

What is the Ritchie School to you?

The future and hope for students who come from adversity. It inspires those who come from difficult situations.