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Meet Dr. Wendell Chun

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Ritchie School Communications Team

An Expert in Robotics and AI

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Wendell Chun

My name is Wendell Chun. I'm ex Lockheed Martin, 33 years. I did a lot of aerospace stuff, but my expertise is in robotics and AI. And I've been doing that since the 80’s. Autonomous navigation, smart cars, manipulation, satellite servicing, things of that sort.

I've been teaching for about 20 years. I used to be part time at Colorado School of Mines. I started here at DU in 2003, part time, and then I've been teaching at CU Denver for the past five years, as well as sharing time here at DU. And I've been primarily involved in a Lockheed course, on engineering.

Actually, I wasn't interested in computer science. So engineering, you know, when you come out of high school, you know, if you're like, top of your class and if you’re good in math and physics, you know, things that good engineers use. I just happened to go to college early, because I went to a college prep school. And then, you know, you go with your friends. And if all your friends are taking engineering, you're in engineering.

And the way I got started in robotics at Lockheed Martin was… robotics wasn't around in the early 80s. And we formed this new group of 10 people. And I was part of that initial group that did things like self-driving cars and AI planning for manufacturing and stuff. And I've been doing it for so long that I've been part of that whole, you know, infrastructure of robotics.

I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of good people and I've had a lot of fun doing what I'm doing and I'm hoping some of these young students will get to do as much as I have.