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The KLab Teams with Commonwealth Edison Company to Investigate Quantum Computing & Power Systems

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Ritchie School Communications Team


Quantum computing has shown to provide significant computation capability compared to classical computing methods. However, there have been very few applications of this technology in the power and energy area. The team at KLab (@klab_du) at the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science are teaming up with one of the largest electric utilities in the US, Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd), to investigate how quantum computing can be applied to power system planning and operation with high penetration of Distribution Energy Resources (DERs) including solar and energy storage. The team will further develop quantum algorithms to solve some of the ongoing computing-intensive utility problems through simulations using real model and data to prove the benefits of the technology. A second recent project of the KLab team with ComEd focuses on developing and demonstrating utilizing blockchain technology for energy applications. This also includes investigation and application of innovative blockchain based methods to improve the planning and operation of distribution grid with high penetration of DERs while ensuring speed, scalability, and security.

Dr. Khodaei, the Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the Director of KLab, will be leading these two efforts in close collaboration with Dr. Rozhin Eskandarpour (DU alum, MS ’16, PhD ’19) and Dr. Moein Choobineh (Colorado School of Mines alum, PhD ’19).


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