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European Adventures in Engineering & Sustainability | Berlin

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Ritchie School Communications Team

Authored by Hyo-Hynag Carty, Ben Muratov, and Sam Urban.


Welcome to the first post in a series of student posts from the 2019 Western Europe Summer Study Abroad trip focused on Sustainability and Engineering. The trip participants included Hyo Carty, Mac Clark, Madi Hardy, Hannah Hornung, Ben Hoy, Victoria Kaufman, Ben Muratov, Mia Peterson, Miguel Turcios, Sam Urban, Dr. Ann Deml (trip leader).

Students in Berlin

The Sustainability Squad started their European adventures in Berlin, the capital of Germany, known for its museums, architectural buildings, clubs, and most importantly, its rich history. We all met at Father Carpenter, a snazzy brunch place, with chic twists on classic dishes. Some of the things we ordered included banana bread with whipped peanut butter and raspberry millet jam and a vanilla & maple millet porridge with granola and fruit. Let’s just say, the plates didn’t have a single crumb on them! After, all of us got to know each other better and had a fun time talking to the waiter about the cultural norms and etiquette of Berlin. The waiter talked to us about the nightlife of Berlin and shared tips and tricks to get into the clubs.


Later that day, we met our amazing tour guide Sylvia, a Berlin native that speaks 4 languages and can cook food that could knock the socks off of Gordon Ramsey! She took us through Französische Straße, where we bought a ton of candy and drinks. It was nice to know that their orange soda had 2% real orange juice! That’s more real OJ than a bottle of Crush orange soda! The highlight of this day was visiting the Brandenburg Gate, a monument built on the orders of a Prussian king, that currently stands as a symbol of European Unity and peace.

We later made our way to the Berlin Wall. Countries form personal biases when teaching history and hearing a Berlin native talk about the history and its current day symbology was incredible. After seeing the Berlin Wall, we made our way to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. 2,711 concrete slabs were arranged in a grid pattern across 19,000 square meters. Underground held the names of around 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims. Walking through the somber stone aisles allowed our squad to reflect on the history of the city and understand the sheer magnitude historical sadness. Berlin was filled with culture, history, and amazing architecture. The adventurous eaters got to eat pig knuckles and all of us were able to enjoy the city nightlife adventures. Shout out to Silvia for being such an amazing tour guide and helping us navigate through this city of bears. Thank you to DUH Berlin for showing all of us how sustainability in Germany is being pushed forward, with their work including shining light on the Volkswagen emissions cheating and setting/meeting goals for the country of Germany as a whole. We also learned all about developing sensor systems for self driving cars from Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision. It was an enriching experience as we were able to see exactly how engineering firms work their magic in the industry.