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DU Team Wins Arrow Electronics Diversity Meets Innovation Case Competition

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Ritchie School Communications Team

Arrow competition team

“Competing in the Arrow Competition allowed for me to truly grasp how having people of diverse thought allows for challenges to be tackled from every angle and eventually allow for the best answer to become apparent,” said Isaiah Silva one of five DU Students, coached by Michael Caston, in the Arrow Diversity Meets Innovation Case Competition.

The students brought their diverse backgrounds and experiences together to perform an analysis of new approaches for preparing for the future of electronics while having access to industry-leading professionals at Arrow Electronics over a four-week time period last quarter.

When asked what competing in the Arrow Competition meant for him, Austin Armstrong said, “It was a great chance to learn how to work with a group of individuals from diverse academic backgrounds on an intensive thought project & proposal.”

On March 9 the team presented their findings to Senior Level executives at Arrow in the final round of competition against CU. Our DU team won and each team member received a $2,500 scholarship from Arrow.

The winning team was made up of Luke Bonaize (International Business), Austin Armstrong (Computer Science and Chemistry), Hayley Miller (Computer Science and Geography), Zyed Ansary (Physics), and Isaiah Silva (Electrical Engineering).