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2019 Student Awards

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At the end of each academic year, we recognize students for their outstanding academic achievements. Meet this year's award recipients and learn a little about each recipient.
Mohesen Mahoor receiveing Award from Dean Holston and Dr. Ogmen

Graduate Student Scholar | Mohsen Mahoor, PhD Student, ECE

Given to an active Ritchie School graduate student for excellence in both the quality and productivity of research with an emphasis on publications and breakthrough research. This may reflect years of research work culminating in one stellar year.

Mohsen started his PhD in September 2016. Since then, he has published 17 peer-reviewed technical journals, conference papers, and abstracts.

"He’s an amazing PHD student that I am fortunate enough to work alongside with."

"His work in the field of EE is stellar and he will make amazing  contributions to the field in the near future."


Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year | Thor Andreassen

Given to an active Ritchie School graduate teaching assistant for excellence in fostering a strong learning environment and going beyond the general job requirements to improve the classroom teaching environment.

"Thor Andreassen's invaluable effort in both MATLAB and Senior Design goes well beyond what is required for students, including adding office hours when needed."

"Thor is dedicated to improving the learning environment for our undergraduates."

"Always willing to just sit down and talk, makes you think that he has all the time in the world to make sure whatever your issue is resolved."


Undergraduate Student Scholar of the Year | David Cowie

Given to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average and academic accomplishment within the Ritchie School.

David was an excellent student in the classroom, but additionally has been taking on independent projects since he was a first year student.  He was on the X-ITE EyeBot experiments team and did an independent study project working with Misty robot.


Department Chair Awards

Given to a department's student who exceeds expectations in the classroom, is actively involved in the Ritchie School, and is an exceptional representative of DU engineering out in the industry.

Computer Science Chair's Award | Toni Dunlap

Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair's Award | Huanghao (Howard) Feng

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Chair's Award | Kyle Sun



KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset Award | Josh Hoeg

Given to an ECS student demonstrating a passion for Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Josh Hoeg won 1st place in Boulder Startup Weekend with his Gold Orbit Team.


Student Service of the Year | Libby Bachman & Sarah Walden

Given to a graduating undergraduate or graduate student who has worked to impact the student experience at the Ritchie School.

"Sarah and Libby were instrumental in establishing the SciD course and keeping it running."


Masoud Bahramisharif Memorial Graduate Scholarship | Rohola Zandie

The Masoud Bahramisharif Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 in honor and remembrance of Masoud Bahramisharif, an engineering PhD student at the Ritchie School. Bahramisharif was an international student from Iran where he earned his BS in Computer Science from Sharif University. Tragically, Masoud was killed in a fatal hit and run accident. Masoud brought an ever-present smile and joy to DU that has left a void at the Ritchie School. He is remembered every day for his kindness and his contribution to the Ritchie community.

Rohola Zandie is a PhD candidate in Computer Engineering, he has been with the computer vision and robotics lab at the University of Denver since June 2017. He graduated from Sharif University of Technology in Artificial Intelligence, NLP. His research interests include natural language processing, machine learning, data analysis, and software development. He is currently working on an improved AIML based chatbot system that is used within a humanoid robot and integrates non-text clues like vision and sound to be able to interact with people more naturally.


Colorado Engineering Council Award | Gary Doan

The Colorado Engineering Council awards the Silver Medal Award to one student, nominated by each department based on scholarship, achievements, involvement in the community or college service, leadership and research.