Advancing Computer Science Curricula Together

Friday, February 18 | 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm MT

Computer Science Education is undergoing changes across the country as we think about the myriad of ways that systematic racism and exclusivity built into our educational practices ultimately affects who we attract and ultimately retain in our discipline. In this workshop, we gather academics and practitioners to learn about, discuss and create innovative ways to teach computer science that address ethics, diversity, equity, justice, and inclusivity.

All academics and practitioners are welcome to participate as audience members. Abstract submission is open for topics in these areas that participants would like to present to the community.

Workshop Organizers

Chris GauthierDickey, PhD

Prof. Chris GauthierDickey graduated with his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 2006 and is an Associate Professor at the University of Denver where he does research in visual programming languages. As the Chair of the Department of Computer Science, and as someone who identifies as Latinx, Prof. GauthierDickey has been leading the department with a focus on ethics, diversity, equity, justice, and inclusivity. As part of this effort, he has been helping redesign the CS curriculum to be infused with inclusivity and ethics.

Mohammed Albow

Mohammed Albow started as a teaching assistant and tutor for students with learning disability at the University of Denver. He has been teaching introductory programming courses since 2010. His research interests are computer science education and theoretical computer science.  As a teacher, he believes students do best when they are more focused on mastering concepts rather than acquiring points to complete a degree.