The Ritchie School offers our same, respected, classes-only master's degree, in a one-year format for people wanting to enhance their skills and credentials, but do so relatively quickly, saving both time and money.

One-year MS through the Electrical & Computer Engineering department»

One-year MS through the Mechanical & Materials Engineering department»

"Looking back, the times my career progressed the fastest was while I was pursuing a degree. I took a break after earning my BS, and my career plateaued. After being passed over for a couple promotions, I looked for a way to get things moving again, and enrolled in an MS program. It was a great experience that enhanced my knowledge, expanded my network, and opened doors. In the end, the toughest thing for me was choosing between the two great jobs I was offered. Neither would have been possible without the MS."

Jim Paradise, MS, University of Denver, 2010

Engineering and Science Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

"DU's one-year MS program is a timely addition to the state's educational options that makes sense in the current, competitive market."

Norman Stucker

General Manager, PADT, Colorado Office